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Thanks to TRCP 52 ALLEGING A CORPORATION, you are a corporation, however created, unless denied by the affidavit!

Dr. Pepper Co. v. Crow, 621 S.W.2d 464,465 (Tex App.-Waco 1981, no writ). "Plaintiff plead defendant was a corporation. Defendant did not deny by verified pleading pursuant to [TRCP] 52 and 93 ... that it was not a corporation; thus, such fact was established."

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Rule Section-79.32 Characters of Print Acceptable in Names


(a) Entity names may consist of letters of the Roman alphabet, Arabic numerals, and certain symbols capable of being reproduced on a standard English language typewriter, or combination thereof.

(b) Only upper case or capital letters, with no distinction as to type face or font, will be recognized,

(c) The symbols recognized as part of a name may include ! " $ % ( ) * ? # = @ [ ] / + & and -.

 Source Note: The provisions of this Section-79.31 adopted to be effective January 1, 1976; amended to be effective September l5 1981, 6 TexReg 3249; amended to be effective January 2, 1992, 16 TexReft 7469.


Black's 4th: Entity. A real being; existence. Department of Banking v. Hedges, 136 Neb. 382. 286 N.W. 277, 281


TITLE 16 CHAPTER 44A Sec. 2432
Sec. 2432. - Definitions

(10) Vessel of the United States --- The term ''vessel of the United States'' means -
(A) a vessel documented under chapter 121 of title 46 or a vessel numbered as provided in chapter 123 of that title;
(B) a vessel owned in whole or in part by -
(i) the United States or a territory, commonwealth, or possession of the United States;
(ii) a State or political subdivision thereof;
(iii) a citizen or national of the United States; or
(iv) a corporation created under the laws of the United States or any State, the District of Columbia, or any territory, commonwealth, or possession of the United States;

unless the vessel has been granted the nationality of a foreign nation in accordance with Article 5 of the 1958 Convention on the High Seas; and

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Index - - - Texas Rules of Civil Procedure


1 Objective of Rules
2 Scope of Rules
3 Construction of Rules
3a Local Rules
4 Computation of Time
5 Enlargement of Time
6 Suits Commenced on Sunday
7 May Appear by Attorney
8 Attorney in Charge
9 Number of Counsel Heard
10 Withdrawal of Attorney
11 Agreements to be in Writing
12 Attorney to Show Authority
13 Effect of Signing of Pleadings, Motions and Other Papers; Sanctions
14 Affidavit by Agent
14b Return or Other Disposition of Exhibits
Supreme Court Order Relating to Retention and Disposition of Exhibits
14c Deposit in Lieu of Surety Bond


Section 1 General Rules

15 Writs and Process
16 Shall Endorse All Process
17 Officer to Execute Process
18 When Judge Dies During Term, Resigns or is Disabled
18a Recusal or Disqualification of Judges
18b Grounds for Disqualification and Recusal of Judges
18c Recording and Broadcasting of Court Proceedings
19 Non-Adjournment of Term
20 Minutes Read and Signed
21 Filing and Serving Pleadings and Motions
21a Methods of Service
21b Sanctions for Failure to Serve or Deliver Copy of Pleadings and Motions

Section 2 Institution of Suit

22 Commenced by Petition
23 Suits to be Numbered Consecutively
24 Duty of Clerk
25 Clerk's File Docket
26 Clerk's Court Docket
27 Order of Cases

Section 3 Parties to Suits

28 Suits in Assumed Name
29 Suit on Claim Against Dissolved Corporation
30 Parties to Suits
31 Surety Not to be Sued Alone
32 May Have Question of Suretyship Tried
33 Suits By or Against Counties
34 Against Sheriff, etc
35 On Official Bonds
36 Different Officials and Bondsmen
37 Additional Parties
38 Third-Party Practice
39 Joinder of Persons Needed for Just Adjudication
40 Permissive Joinder of Parties
41 Misjoinder and Non-Joinder of Parties
42 Class Actions
43 Interpleader
44 May Appear by Next Friend

Section 4 Pleading

A General

45 Definition and System
46 Petition and Answer; Each One Instrument of Writing
47 Claims for Relief
48 Alternative Claims for Relief
49 Where Several Counts
50 Paragraphs, Separate Statements
51 Joinder of Claims and Remedies
52 Alleging a Corporation
53 Special Act or Law
54 Conditions Precedent
55 Judgment
56 Special Damage
57 Signing of Pleadings
58 Adoption by Reference
59 Exhibits and Pleading
60 Intervenor's Pleadings
61 Trial: Intervenors: Rules Apply to All Parties
62 Amendment Defined
63 Amendments and Responsive Pleadings
64 Amended Instrument
65 Substituted Instrument Takes Place of Original-
66 Trial Amendment
67 Amendments to Conform to Issues Tried Without Objection
68 Court May Order Repleader
69 Supplemental Petition or Answer
70 Pleading: Surprise: Cost
71 Misnomer of Pleading
74 Filing with the Court Defined
75 Filed Pleadings; Withdrawal
75a Filing Exhibits: Court Reporter to File with Clerk
75b Filed Exhibits: Withdrawal
76 May Inspect Papers
76a Sealing Court Records
77 Lost Records and Papers

B Pleadings of Plaintiff

78 Petition; Original and Supplemental; Indorsement
79 The Petition
80 Plaintiffs Supplemental Petition
81 Defensive Matters
82 Special Defenses

C Pleadings of Defendant

83 Answer; Original and Supplemental; Indorsement
84 Answer May Include Several Matters
85 Original Answer; Contents
86 Motion to Transfer Venue
87 Determination of Motion to Transfer
88 Discovery and Venue
89 Transferred if Motion is Sustained
90 Waiver of Defects in Pleading
91 Special Exceptions
92 General Denial
93 Certain Pleas to be Verified
94 Affirmative Defenses
95 Pleas of Payment
96 No Discontinuance
97 Counterclaim and Cross-Claim
98 Supplemental Answers

Section 5 Citation

99 Issuance and Form of Citation
103 Who May Serve
105 Duty of Officer or Person Receiving
106 Method of Service
107 Return of Service
108 Defendant Without State
108a Service of Process in Foreign Countries
109 Citation by Publication
109a Other Substituted Service
110 Effect of Rules on Other Statutes
111 Citation by Publication in Action Against Unknown Heirs or Stockholders of Defunct Corporations
112 Parties to Actions Against Unknown Owners or Claimants of Interest in Land
113 Citation by Publication in Actions Against Unknown Owners or Claimants of Interest in Land
114 Citation by Publication; Requisites
115 Form of Published Citation in Actions Involving Land
116 Service of Citation by Publication
117 Return of Citation by Publication
117a Citation in Suits for Delinquent Ad Valorem Taxes
118 Amendment
119 Acceptance of Service
119a Copy of Decree
120 Entering Appearance
120a Special Appearance
121 Answer is Appearance
122 Constructive Appearance
123 Reversal of Judgment
124 No Judgment Without Service

Section 6 Costs and Security Therefor

125 Parties Responsible
126 Fee for Execution of Process, Demand
127 Parties Liable for Other Costs
129 How Costs Collected
130 Officer to Levy
131 Successful Party to Recover
133 Costs of Motion
136 Demand Reduced by Payments
137 In Assault and Battery, etc
138 Cost of New Trials
139 On Appeal and Certiorari
140 No Fee for Copy
141 Court May Otherwise Adjudge Costs
142 Security for Costs
143 Rule for Costs
143a Costs on Appeal to County Court
144 Judgment on Cost Bond
145 Affidavit of Inability
146 Deposit for Costs
147 Applies to Any Party
148 Secured by Other Bond
149 Execution for Costs

Section 7 Abatement and Discontinuance of Suit

150 Death of Party
151 Death of Plaintiff
152 Death of Defendant
153 When Executor, etc, Dies
154 Requisites of Scire Facias
155 Surviving Parties
156 Death After Verdict or Close of Evidence
158 Suit for the Use of Another
159 Suit for Injuries Resulting in Death
160 Dissolution of Corporation
161 Where Some Defendants Not Served
162 Dismissal or Non-Suit
163 Dismissal as to Parties Served, etc
165 Abandonment
165a Dismissal for Want of Prosecution

Section 8 Pretrial Procedure

166 Pretrial Conference
166a Summary Judgment
171 Master in Chancery
172 Audit
173 Guardian Ad Litem
174 Consolidation; Separate Trials
175 Issue of Law and Dilatory Pleas

Section 9 Evidence and Discovery

A Evidence

176 Subpoenas
180 Refusal to Testify
181 Party as Witness
183 Interpreters
185 Suit on Account

B Discovery

190 Discovery Limitations
191 Modifying Discovery Procedures and Limitations; Conference Requirement; Signing Disclosures, Discovery Requests, Responses, and Objections; Filing Requirements
192 Permissible Discovery: Forms and Scope; Work Product; Protective Orders; Definitions
193 Written Discovery: Response; Objection; Assertion of Privilege; Supplementation and Amendment; Failure to Timely Respond; Presumption of Authenticity
194 Requests for Disclosure
195 Discovery Regarding Testifying Expert Witnesses
196 Requests for Production and Inspection to Parties; Requests and Motions for Entry Upon Property
197 Interrogatories to Parties
198 Requests for Admissions
199 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
200 Depositions Upon Written Questions
201 Depositions in Foreign Jurisdictions for Use in Texas Proceedings; Depositions in Texas for Use in Foreign Proceedings
202 Depositions Before Suit or to Investigate Claims
203 Signing, Certification and Use of Oral and Written Depositions
204 Physical and Mental Examinations
205 Discovery from Nonparties
215 Abuse of Discovery; Sanctions Section 10 The Jury in Court
216 Request and Fee for Jury Trial
217 Oath of Inability
218 Jury Docket
219 Jury Trial Day
220 Withdrawing Cause from Jury Docket
221 Challenge to the Array
222 When Challenge is Sustained
223 Jury List in Certain Counties
224 Preparing Jury List
225 Summoning Talesman
226 Oath to Jury Panel
226a Admonitory Instructions to Jury Panel and Jury
227 Challenge to Juror
228 "Challenge for Cause" Defined
229 Challenge for Cause
230 Certain Questions Not to be Asked
231 Number Reduced by Challenges
232 Making Peremptory Challenges
233 Number of Peremptory Challenges
234 Lists Returned to the Clerk
235 If Jury is Incomplete
236 Oath to Jury

Section 11 Trial of Causes

A Appearance and Procedure

237 Appearance Day
237a Cases Remanded from Federal Court
238 Call of Appearance Docket
239 Judgment by Default
239a Notice of Default Judgment
240 Where Only Some Answer
241 Assessing Damages on Liquidated Demands
243 Unliquidated Demands
244 On Service by Publication
245 Assignment of Cases for Trial
246 Clerk to Give Notice of Settings
247 Tried When Set
248 Jury Cases
249 Call of Non-Jury Docket

B Continuance and Change of Venue

251 Continuance
252 Application for Continuance
253 Absence of Counsel as Ground for Continuance
254 Attendance on Legislature
255 Change of Venue by Consent
257 Granted on Motion
258 Shall be Granted
259 To What County
261 Transcript on Change

C The Trial

262 Trial by the Court
263 Agreed Case
264 Videotape Trial
265 Order of Proceedings on Trial by Jury
266 Open and Close-Admission
267 Witnesses Placed Under Rule
268 Motion for Instructed Verdict
269 Argument
270 Additional Testimony

D Charge to the Jury

271 Charge to the Jury
272 Requisites
273 Jury Submissions
274 Objections and Requests
275 Charge Read Before Argument
276 Refusal or Modification
277 Submission to the Jury
278 Submission of Questions, Definitions, and instructions
279 Omissions from the Charge

E Case to the Jury

280 Presiding Juror of Jury
281 Papers Taken to Jury Room
282 Jury Kept Together
283 Duty of Officer Attending Jury
284 Judge to Caution Jury
285 Jury May Communicate with Court
286 Jury May Receive Further Instructions
287 Disagreement as to Evidence
288 Court Open for Jury
289 Discharge of Jury

F Verdict

290 Definition and Substance
291 Form of Verdict
292 Verdict by Portion of Original Jury
293 When the Jury Agree
294 Polling the Jury
295 Correction of Verdict

G Findings by Court

296 Requests for Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law
297 Time to File Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
298 Additional or Amended Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
299 Omitted Findings
299a Findings of Fact to be Separately Filed and Not Recited in a Judgment

H Judgments

300 Court to Render Judgment
301 Judgments
302 On Counterclaim
303 On Counterclaim for Costs
304 Judgment Upon Record
305 Proposed Judgment
306 Recitation of Judgment
306a Periods to Run From Signing of Judgment
306c Prematurely Filed Documents
307 Exceptions, etc, Transcript
308 Court Shall Enforce Its Decrees
308a In Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship
309 In Foreclosure Proceedings
310 Writ of Possession
311 On Appeal From Probate Court
312 On Appeal From Justice Court
313 Against Executors, etc
314 Confession of Judgment

I Remittitur and Correction

315 Remittitur
316 Correction of Clerical Mistakes in Judgment Record

J New Trials

320 Motion and Action of Court Thereon
321 Form
322 Generality to be Avoided
324 Prerequisites of Appeal
326 Not More Than Two
327 For Jury Misconduct
329 Motion for New Trial on Judgment Following Citation by Publication
329a County Court Cases
329b Time for Filing Motions

K Certain District Courts

330 Rules of Practice and Procedure in Certain District Courts

352 - 473 Repealed

474 - 522 Repealed


Section 1 General

523 District Court Rules Govern

Section 2 Institution of Suit

524 Docket
525 Oral Pleadings
526 Sworn Pleadings
527 Motion to Transfer
528 Venue Changed on Affidavit
529 "Nearest Justice" Defined
530 By Consent
531 Order of Transfer
532 Transcript
533 Requisites of Process
534 Issuance and Form of Citation
535 Answer Filed
536 Who May Serve and Method of Service
536a Duty of Officer or Person Receiving and Return of Citation

Section 3 Appearance and Trial

537 Appearance Day
538 If Defendant Fails to Appear
539 Appearance Noted
540 If No Demand for Jury
541 Continuance
542 Call of Non-Jury Docket
543 Dismissal
544 Jury Trial Demanded
545 Jury Trial Day
546 Call of Jury Docket
547 Challenge to the Array
548 Drawing Jury
549 Challenge for Cause
550 Peremptory Challenge
551 The Jury
552 If Jury is Incomplete
553 Jury Sworn
554 Justice Shall Not Charge Jury
555 Verdict

Section 4 Judgment

556 Judgment Upon Verdict
557 Case Tried by Justice
558 Judgment
559 Costs
560 Judgment for Specific Articles
561 To Enforce Judgment
562 No Judgment Without Citation
563 Confession of Judgment
564 Warrant of Attorney
565 Rules Governing

Section 5 New Trial

566 Judgments by Default
567 New Trials
569 Notice
570 But One New Trial

Section 6 Appeal

571 Appeal Bond
572 Affidavit of Inability
573 Appeal Perfected
574 Transcript
574a New Matter May be Pleaded
574b Trial De Novo

Section 7 Certiorari

575 Order for Writ
576 Requisites of Writ
577 Affidavit of Sufficient Cause
578 Application for Certiorari
579 Within What Time Granted
580 Bond with Sureties Required
581 Bond, Affidavit and Order
582 Writ to Issue Instanter
583 Justice Shall Stay Proceeding:
584 Citation as in Other Cases
585 Cause Docketed
586 Motion to Dismiss
587 Amendment of Bond or Oath
588 Judgment of Dismissal
589 Pleading
590 New Matter May be Pleaded
591 Trial De Novo


Section 1 Attachment

592 Application for Writ of Attachment and Order
592a Bond for Attachment
592b Form of Attachment Bond
593 Requisites for Writ
594 Form of Writ
595 Several Writs
596 Delivery of Writ
597 Duty of Officer
598 Levy, How Made
598a Service of Writ on Defendant
599 Defendant May Replevy
600 Sale of Perishable Property
601 To Protect Interests
602 Bond of Applicant for Sale
603 Procedure for Sale
604 Return of Sale
605 Judge May Make Necessary Orders
606 Return of Writ
607 Report of Disposition of Property
608 Dissolution or ModiFication of Writ of Attachment
609 Amendment

Section 2 Distress Warrant

610 Application for Distress Warrant and Order
611 Bond for Distress Warrant
612 Requisites for Warrant
613 Service of Warrant on Defendant
614 Defendant May Replevy
614a Dissolution or Modification of Distress Warrant
615 Sale of Perishable Property
616 To Protect Interests
617 Procedure for Sale
618 Return of Sale
619 Citation for Defendant
620 Petition

Section 3 Executions

621 Enforcement of Judgment
621a Discovery and Enforcement of Judgment
622 Execution
623 On Death of Executor
624 On Death of Nominal Plaintiff
625 On Money of Deceased
626 On Property of Deceased
627 Time for Issuance
628 Execution Within Thirty Days
629 Requisites of Execution
630 Execution on Judgment for Money
631 Execution for Sale of Particular Property
632 Execution for Delivery of Certain Property
633 Execution for Possession or Value of Personal Property
634 Execution Superseded
635 Stay of Execution in Justice Court
636 Indorsements by Officer
637 Levy of Execution
638 Property Not to be Designated
639 Levy
640 Levy on Stock Running at Large
641 Levy on Shares of Stock
643 Levy on Goods Pledged or Mortgaged
644 May Give Delivery Bond
645 Property May be Sold by Defendant
646 Forfeited Delivery Bond
646a Sale of Real Property
647 Notice of Sale of Real Estate
648 "Courthouse Door" Defined
649 Sale of Personal Property
650 Notice of Sale of Personal Property
651 When Execution Not Satisfied
652 Purchaser Failing to Comply
653 Resale of Property
654 Return of Execution
655 Return of Execution by Mail
656 Execution Docket

Section 4 Garnishment

657 Judgment Final for Garnishment
658 Application for Writ of Garnishment and Order
658a Bond for Garnishment
659 Case Docketed
661 Form of Writ
662 Delivery of Writ
663 Execution and Return of Writ
663a Service of Writ on Defendant
664 Defendant May Replevy
664a Dissolution or Modification of Writ of Garnishment
665 Answer to Writ
666 Garnishee Discharged
667 Judgment by Default
668 Judgment When Garnishee is Indebted
669 Judgment for Effects
670 Refusal to Deliver Effects
672 Sale of Effects
673 May Traverse Answer
674 Trial of Issue
675 Docket and Notice
676 Issue Tried as in Other Cases
677 Costs
678 Garnishee Discharged on Proof
679 Amendment

Section 5 Injunctions

680 Temporary Restraining Order
681 Temporary Injunctions: Notice-
682 Sworn Petition
683 Form and Scope of Injunction or Restraining Order
684 Applicant's Bond
685 Filing and Docketing
686 Citation
687 Requisites of Writ
688 Clerk to Issue Writ
689 Service and Return
690 The Answer
691 Bond on Dissolution
692 Disobedience
693 Principles of Equity Applicable
693a Bond in Divorce Case

Section 6 Mandamus

694 No Mandamus Without Notice

Section 7 Receivers

695 No Receiver of Immovable Property Appointed Without Notice
695a Bond, and Bond in Divorce Case

Section 8 Sequestration

696 Application for Writ of Sequestration and Order
697 Petition
698 Bond for Sequestration
699 Requisites of Writ
700 Amendment
700a Service of Writ on Defendant
701 Defendant May Replevy
702 Bond for Personal Property
703 Bond for Real Estate
704 Return of Bond and Entiy of Judgment
705 Defendant May Return Sequestered Property
706 Disposition of the Property by Officer
707 Execution
708 Plaintiff May Replevy
709 When Bond Forfeited
710 Sale of Perishable Goods
711 Order of Sale For
712 Return of Order
712a Dissolution or Modification of Writ of Sequestration
713 Sale on Debt Not Due
714 Purchaser's Bond
715 Return of Bond
716 Recovery on Bond

Section 9 Trial of Right of Property

717 Claimant Must Make Affidavit
718 Property Delivered to Claimant
719 Bond
720 Return of Bond
721 Out-County Levy
722 Return of Original Writ
723 Docketing Cause
724 Issue Made Up
725 Judgment by Default
726 Judgment of Non-Suit
727 Proceedings
728 Burden of Proof
729 Copy of Writ Evidence
730 Failure to Establish Title
731 Execution Shall Issue
732 Return of Property by Claimant
733 Claim is a Release of Damages
734 Levy on Other Property


Section 1 Procedures Related to Home Equity Loan Foreclosure

735 Procedures
736 Expedited Foreclosure Proceeding

Section 2 Bill of Discovery

737 Repealed

Section 3 Forcible Entry and Detainer

738 May Sue for Rent
739 Citation
740 Complainant May Have Possession
741 Requisites of Complaint
742 Service of Citation
742a Service by Delivery to Premises
743 Docketed
744 Demanding Jury
745 Trial Postponed
746 Only Issue
747 Trial
747a Representation by Agents
748 Judgments and Writ
749 May Appeal
749a Pauper's Affidavit
749b Pauper's Affidavit in Nonpayment of Rent Appeals
749c Appeal Perfected
750 Form of Appeal Bond
751 Transcript
752 Damages
753 Judgment by Default
755 Writ of Possession

Section 4 Partition of Real Estate

756 Petition
757 Citations and Service
758 Where Defendant is Unknown or Residence is Unknown
759 Judgment Where Defendant Cited by publication
760 Court Shall Determine, What
761 Appointment of Commissioners
762 Writ of Partition
763 Service of Writ of Partition
764 May Appoint Surveyor
765 Return of Writ
766 Shall Proceed to Partition
767 May Cause Survey
768 Shall Divide Real Estate
769 Report of Commissioners
770 Property Incapable of Division
771 Objections to Report

Section 5 Partition of Personal Property

772 Procedure
773 Value Ascertained
774 Decree of Court Executed
775 Property Sold

Section 6 Partition: Miscellaneous Provisions

776 Construction
777 Pleading and Practice
778 Costs

Section 7 Quo Warranto

779 Joinder of Parties
780 Citation to Issue
781 Proceedings as in Civil Cases
782 Remedy Cumulative

Section 8 Trespass to Try Title

783 Requisites of Petition
784 The Possessor Shall be Defendant
785 May Join as Defendants, When
786 Warrantor, etc, May be Made a Party
787 Landlord May Become Defendant
788 May File Plea of "Not Guilty" Only
789 Proof Under Such Plea
790 Answer Taken as Admitting Possession
791 May Demand Abstract of Title
792 Time to File Abstract
793 Abstract Shall State, What
794 Amended Abstract
795 Rules in Other Cases Observed
796 Surveyor Appointed, etc
797 Survey Unnecessary, When
798 Common Source of Title
799 Judgment by Default
800 Proof Ex Parte
801 When Defendant Claims Part Only
802 When Plaintiff Proves Part
803 May Recover a Part
804 The Judgment
805 Damages
806 Claim for Improvements
807 Judgment When Claim for Improvements is Made
808 These Rules Shall Not Govern, When
809 These Rules Shall Not Govern, When

Section 9 Suits Against Non-residents

810 Requisites of Pleadings
811 Service by Publication in Actions Under section 17003, Civil Practice and Remedies Code
812 No Judgment by Default
813 Suit to Extinguish Lien


814 Effective Date
815 Substantive Rights Unaffected
816 Jurisdiction and Venue Unaffected
818 Reference to Former Statutes
819 Procedure Continued
820 Workers' Compensation Law
821 Prior Court Rules Repealed
822 Title